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Emergency Banlist Prediction Because of Spyrals & Zodiacs?

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Okay, so it seems like their are many rumors and speculations involving an emergency banlist, possibly due to spyrals & zodiacs.

The question is, does their needs to be an emergency banlist simply because of zodiacs & spyrals

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Zoo was already hit in September. Drident and Broadbull were banned, Rat was put to 1.They're effectively dead, so if an emergency list does happen they won't even need to be touched. I haven't even heard speculation on Zoo being hit.
As for SPYRALs, while I honestly despise Tier-0 formats, I've been looking at results from events and I've seen plenty of rogue decks completely destroy them. While SPYRAL is a very powerful and efficient strategy, it is also very fragile and easy to side against. I think they deserve their time in the sun because of how terrible the deck was until Double Helix was released tbh.

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